Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jamie's latest blog and pics from traveling in Baja, Mexico

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From our Baja trip, I left with a few things crystal clear -
  1. I have more of a soft spot in my heart for dogs than I ever thought imagineable.
  2. A lime or two a day, especially from Baja, where they have a ton of juice in them, is good for me.
  3. I don’t ever want to use plastic again.
We expected to stay in Baja longer, but decided last week, we were done. In our last few days there, we camped at Agua Caliente. Agua Caliente is a natural hot springs. One of the best camp sites we were at on our trip. There were more trees, grass and greenery than we saw anywhere else. A short walk from our campsite was the trickling hot water. When we arrived, the once pool, built with found rocks, was no longer a pool. Tobin took an hour and built the pool up again to keep the hot water trickling from the rocks contained. 

Agua Caliente View from campsite

Tobin, beginning to build hot springs rock pool

Pool complete!

We didn’t have the sound of the waves and ocean keeping us awake in this campsite, but instead the sound of the bull’s bells and donkeys. Love these little guys -

Campsite hosts - around most of the time

Neighbor's great rig and their host passing through in the morning
 The weather was perfect, and the ground was relatively flat for an afternoon practice. Needed it! After San Juanico, and “trying” to surf, I hurt my shoulder. Down dog and going upside down in to handstand felt the best. I’m pretty resiliant, or so I like to think. But, I must admit, I really did a number on my rotator cuff. So happy to be able to go upside down. Its the best medicine for me!

Afternoon practice - thank god for getting upside down!

We had to do one, stereotypical picture on this trip, didn't we? 

Sea of Cortez, headed north towards the border - a day we drove 17 hours

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